Our Green Value Proposition

We empower Property Developers to tap into our funding line for secure investments instead of raising capital or relying on traditional commercial funding channels. We aim to help maximise their profits by leveraging our years’ worth of combined experience and successful track record in the JV property development industry.

Our emphasis is on Green Property Development opportunities, where developers use sustainable, eco-friendly, energy-saving materials and help them get government subsidies/grants to contribute to their Green Development Project .

As the world moves towards Green Finance and ESG-driven practices, Green loans for residential development are set to increase in popularity. The shift is still in the early stages. GCF aims to play a significant role in promoting green development in the UK by developing green finance products to help its clients transition to a more sustainable future.

At Green Capital Finance, developers can focus on starting new projects and building and selling properties with sizeable profits without worrying about their next phase of funding. They can access £100,000 to £10m based on their project requirements.

We also offer help through our development partner team that stays in touch with our clients every step of the way to ensure the project stays on schedule and budget to maximise profits.

We have helped several property developers by providing viable financial solutions for multiple projects. With us, they get easy access to funds while ensuring timely project completion. Our partners set up a special purpose vehicle/entity (SPV) to release funds based on the development schedule so that developers remain in control at all times without the worry of finding funds at various project phases.

We assist Property Developers who don’t have the funds for site acquisition or property development through JV partnership, which covers all associated costs. The profits will be divided on the completion and sale of the development. The partnership supports site progress and regular valuations until projects’ completion.

Here’s what our clients can expect from us:

● Fully funded land and development costs

● All legal and pre/post-contract work

● Decisions in just 48 hours

● Typical deal completion in 28 days

● Profits shared in favour of the developer

● A simple, honest, and honourable process

● Expert support